Lose Lips Sink Ships

In any online poker-tables-chips.com which involves strategy, you are supposed to keep a distance from other players. It is not that we are trying to teach you to be an anti-social paranoid person. Every time you talk to someone in the chat room during an online poker on online-casino match or online blackjack, it causes an exchange of information. Things don't get icky if you are playing for free, BUT where the real money is involved then you should have your mouth shut for a while.

In online poker, play games like Texas Holdem are really information oriented. More knowledge generates positive results for you. it is like a two-way process, you can try to be :friendly: and get as much information out of your opponent as possible. It is like you are out there fishing for information vital to your online poker performance in the long run.

Some opponents ask questions which seem like; . Hey, did my bet scare you mate? . Hey Bro what do you suggest, do you want me to call? . Is it possible for you to show by any chance IF I fold?

You can play the same game too, with even more skillful approach. Go ahead; try questions which don't seem harmful, like;

Hey, how's it going? So how far have you gone by now? Any idea how many chips you have on you?

Your opponents will start talking in most cases and it will lead you to gems of useful information in no time.